Help for writers

Do you think you might be a writer, but you’re afraid to say it out loud to anyone?

Do you need help taking those precious baby steps towards making a more creative life?

Do you feel you’re called to write, but answering that call terrifies you?

Then this is the place for you.

I was once in your shoes. Twenty-five years old and terrified to share my fiction at the first writing group I’d ever attended. Held at a small, independent bookstore in my hometown, this writing group was where I announced (very quietly) that I was a writer. I shared my short stories each week, learned a lot from some gentle critique, and gradually gained confidence in my writing ability.

I had found my creative home.

I continued to write for years after that, following the guidance of Natalie Goldberg, Julia Cameron and Anne Lamott. Timed writing. Morning pages. Shitty first drafts. But I was still scared. I would write for a few weeks, then my creative anxiety would suck the life out of me. It took me 5 years to write a novel — which was really 6 months of writing and 4 and a half years of procrastination.

I was stuck. I was terrified of failure. And I was miserable. I knew I was supposed to be writing. I knew it was the most important thing in my life, but it was also the thing that I kept pushing down and avoiding. I was sabotaging myself and my happiness.

I had put writing up on this sort of pedestal. If my life purpose was to be a writer,  then I had to be perfect at it, right? I had to be a famous, traditionally published author or nothing at all.

So of course, I chose nothing at all. I stopped writing, kept plugging away at my day job, and ate my feelings, all the while still wishing and dreaming and knowing I was a writer.

And then I realized (duh) that I was overthinking the whole thing. I could write! I could write every day.! I could bang out 500 words in twenty minutes! The writing was the important thing to me, not the results. Hallelujah!

If I can overcome my fear of writing, so can you.

If you want to embrace your identity as a writer, I can help. We can be writers together, taking those precious baby steps towards a creative life. And if you can muster up just a little bit of courage, I can help reduce the terror you feel each time you face a blank page.

I coach writers of all genres and help them move forward. Help them stay on track. Help them reduce their creative fears. With kindness. With love. With understanding. And a few great writing tips, tricks and exercises.

Send an email to leanne (at) or call/text me at 226-201-0790 EST to get started.