About Leanne Beattie

I’ve always been a fan of Jack Canfield, Cheryl Richardson and Elizabeth Gilbert (listening to Liz is like going to church for me, if you know what I mean), and hell yeah, Oprah – because if she can’t motivate you to look deeper and do better, nobody can.

But then I hit my fifties and work suddenly felt meaningless to me. I had no joy, no sense of accomplishment, and I had no patience for all the office politics. There had to be more to life than just putting into time until retirement.

What was missing? A sense of purpose. I no longer felt connected to my career and wanted to do something that really mattered.

My shelves were full of self help books, but I realized that I didn’t just want to read about creating a meaningful life – I wanted to help others find their ideal lives. So I became a certified life coach through the Certified Coaches Federation.

I then narrowed my business down to life purpose coaching, using ideas from Eric Maisel’s book Life Purpose Boot Camp. I now help people determine their values and help them define their life purpose. It’s satisfying, positive, and meaningful for me.

My life has been a real adventure and I’m far from perfect. We can chat about it some time over a drink. Or two. Family tragedy. Depression. Two divorces. Unemployment. You name it, I’ve lived it. But through it all I could always find the good in whatever challenge was staring me in the face.

That said, I’m not a fan of “oh woe is me” thinking. Yep, shit happens. But it’s what you do to get through the shit that makes you resilient and stronger than before. Living through my own challenges has clarified what’s important to me: writing fiction and poetry, living a meaningful life, and helping others pursue their goals and dreams.

Now it’s your turn. Life’s too short to be miserable. Let’s start creating your life of joy today.

Send an email to leanne (at) joymagnetcoaching.com or call/text me at 226-201-0790 EST to get started.

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